Basic massage 30 me.

 Individual shower masseuse and client.

In this massage work stage leg, buttocks and back with techniques landslides, taming and pressures and end with a manual relaxation.

70 €

From here all erotic massage shower hard, and should consult with reception terminations.

Basic massage 45 me.

Foot work area, legs, buttocks and back, Landslide techniques, taming, pressures, a termination to choose.


Basic massage 60 me.

Foot work area, legs, buttocks and back, with sliding techniques, taming, pressures, digital, a termination to choose.


Relaxing total 75 me.

Foot work area, legs, buttocks, back and arms with techniques landslides, taming, digital, pressures, pressure arms and legs, add light facial treatment and finishing choose.


Deep massage 90'

This massage includes all concepts of relaxation, from the cabin acclimate glimmer, music relax and we can invite some tea to accompany relax hundred percent, here it is working from the areas of the feet, legs, buttocks, back, shoulders, skull, face, and ending with the customer in supine position with the same techniques, We perform light pedicure feet and facial peleeng, Termination accompanied choose.


Masaje wlohe body 60 me

This massage is to work with depth all areas of the body with body massage techniques, which it is made from hands, brazos, the elbows, pies, knees etc. And ends with a termination pick.

30 me 80 €

45 me 120 €

60 I 150 €

Duo Massage Sensations

This massage consists of factors touch and play, where two of our beautiful masseuses share their skills at every moment you want it .. where the start of the massage is a first termination takes, with which the rest of the massage leads to total relaxation.. thus end with a second end.

60 me 150 €

90 me 180 €

Duo massage 60 me.

This massage is composed of two professionals working in full compliance, to deepen relaxation together the whole body, This massage techniques previously agreed professional use as and when, as each client can request specific areas, here they comprise 2 terminations..

210 €

prostate massage

This massage has 30 ' 45 or 60' and be carried out with hot oils starting with sensitives..

In the case of 30 O 45 minutes proceed to stimulate the genital and anal area parallel zone, with tactile stimulation techniques in both areas.

30 me – 90 €

45 me- 120 €

In the start of 60' with sensitive massage, traveling around the body from calf area, back etc, amansamientos, sensitive digital and again so that we can begin to stimulate specific areas.

60 me – 140€


These massages are aimed at couples who like to break them with routines, and they are looking for something different that helps empathize with each other, thereby forcing confidence, because today we live in a cosmopolitan society that sometimes gives us more options from which one can not imagine.

So this way we share aware that the pleasure of enjoying this not only on what they have taught us monotone customs, if not rather to discover that there beyond, without feeling that we are failing each other.

 These massages are several options to choose from, since each provides the convenience of being able to choose the finish that more you approach that everyone wants.

 light massage: where terminations are manuals for her and for him. 200 €

massage dim: Here terminations may already be manual termination and termination for her to choose for him. 250 €

Another type of massage to agreement with massage.

You can also request the service with two masseuses, two young ladies can be either male and female masseuse masseuse.

Time massage comprises 75 me, but 15 min exclusive courtesy to the couple.

urban massage 30 me.

It is done with the client seated and work specific area of ​​cranio, nut, shoulders, arms and back, all of them based techniques fists, digital, thumbs, percussions..

50 €

Circulatory massage leg 30 me.

This massage is composed of two phases, the first will be to apply treatment product, leave it with the wrapping, and then reactivated with circulatory massage feet towards gluteos, and to finish cooling lotion is applied.


 sensitive massage 45 me.

This massage works on the subtle touch delving into those areas most common relaxation, skull, behind the ears, stretching subtle hair, circular movements on the temples, little pressure on the neck.. and accompanied by light touch with fingers in all areas of the body, and making small alternating deep pressure.

70 €

Erotic distraction

When the hours and days pass…and you want madly forward to the weekend. Tired of the usual routine fixes, fulfilling a schedule, a place, and an environment that maybe is not what you need…

And when you think: Why not break the routine?Why not give me a gift?We've thought of something very special for you:

Imagine a totally erotic session, different. Exclusively for you…with charm, craftiness, lust and all that your mind needs to live in the moment you want, when you want.. and how you want it.

Our session begins with an erotic dance suggestively, naughty and very hot…just for you… for your Eyes Only… Our underwear will make your imagination flying start. Escape, distracts your mind and let yourself go.

More manual session termination 45 me 100 €

Choose more session termination 60 me 120 €


barcelona male erotic massage men

All cosmetic services if they request a termination will be charged an amount of 20 € apart.

facial Hair removal

nose facial hair removal wax, ear and eyebrows 15€

form eyebrows 12€

body waxing

hair removal machine: brazos, armpits, chest, abdomen, back and lumbar 40 €

buttocks, ingles, full legs 30 €

genital area 20 €

full: 80 €

depilatory cream

brazos, armpits, chest, abdomen, back and lumbar 50 €

buttocks, ingles, full legs 60 €

genital area: 25 €

full: 100 €


brazos, armpits, torax, abdomen, back and lumbar 60 €

buttocks, English legs complete 60 €

genital area: 40 €

full: 120 €



facial hygiene 45 €

facial treatment 4 Steps 55 €

facial treatment 4 more eye contour steps 65 €

body treatments

peeleng body more shower 80 €

hygiene back 30 me 40 €

hygiene and back massage 60 me 80 €

Manicure and pedicure


basic manicure nail trimming 10 €

Basic spa manicure arrangement skins 15 €

Basic spa manicure, gloss and cream taco 20 €

manicure spa with essences, peeling, brightness taco 30 €

Full spa manicure, peeling, Wad brightness and massage 35 €


basic pedicure nail trimming 15 €

Basic spa pedicure nail trimming and arranging skins 18 €

basic pedicure spa court, Under fur and lime in planting zones 25 €

pedicure spa, cut, skins, lime and peeling 35€

spa pedicure complete with essences 40 €

Full spa pedicure, essences and massage 45 €

Guarantee pleasure in every way

Aesthetic and wellness WSO