What types of tans are there?

With the bright sun in the sky, it's the perfect time to tan, why do not do it? If we know that a tanned skin looks much more attractive and healthier.

But, Did you know that there are different types of tans? Which, depending on your needs, they can be more or less effective for you.

What types of tans are there?

There are three widely known types of tans, and another not so well known and little recommended. Today we will see what these types of tan are, which is the most recommended and which is the best way to take care of your skin so that your tan looks perfect.

Natural tan

This is the most classic way to tan, receiving the sunlight. But this does not mean that to tan naturally you need to spend the whole day in direct sunlight.. Nor does it mean that you have to use implements such as mirrors so that the sun reaches you directly..
The best thing to do with this type of tanning is to use bronzers., not receive the sun during the hottest hours of the day (close to noon) and do not use accessories to tan faster.
Done the right way, this can be a healthy way to tan.

Tanning bed

The tanning bed is an option chosen by those who cannot afford to receive the sun naturally. Firstly because it is a much faster and more powerful option than receiving a natural tan and secondly because of the convenience of doing so..

Even if, thanks to the power with which our skin receives UVA rays in a tanning bed, it is advisable not to do it very often, since it could affect the appearance of our skin.

Canned tan

Canned tan is preferred by bodybuilders. It is simply a kind of coloring that is sprayed on the body and that leaves you with the tan that you decide to have. Due to its immediacy, it is widely used and there are no known negative effects..
But it is advisable to let it dry properly. Otherwise, any contact with water (and even with the sweat itself) it may fall off and dirt the surfaces it touches.

Pill tans

This is perhaps the least recommended of the tans, which is not approved in many countries and it has not been proven what health risks it may have.
It is a pill that, after taking them, turn the skin orange. So it is not a tan that is very attractive to the eye..

How to take care of your skin for tans?

How your skin will look with your tan depends tremendously on how your skin looked before.. Namely, that if you are careless with the care of your skin, You can't expect that with a tan this will look totally different.

That is why we recommend that you maintain constant care of your skin and that, whenever you have a chance, visit a male aesthetic where you can undergo different treatments so that your skin looks young and healthy.

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