Methods for male body hair removal

Over the years, fashion and aesthetics have been changing, transforming in turn our beauty rituals. This of course, it also affects men who are faced with a totally different aesthetic concept. Now body hair bare skin is the most attractive and comfortable, especially if you play sports. The absence of hair has nothing to do with sexual preferences and if with aesthetic and hygiene preferences.

The most popular areas for male body waxing are the chest, the beard, the abdomen and intimate area. Although in athletes it is very common to also include leg waxing, armpits and arms in the process. Today's men want to look attractive and cared for. That is why today in Estética y Benestar OSM we will talk to you about the methods for male body hair removal..

Methods for male body hair removal

There are several methods of male body hair removal, but we will talk to you below about the three most important.

Razor hair removal

It is one of the forms of hair removal most used by men due to its ease and speed. It is usually the first hair removal method they go to and the one they handle the best. They can be waxed quickly and at home for a low cost. Although in the long term it greatly compromises the health of the skin. It causes a lot of itching and irritation and its effect is very short-lasting. Promoting hair hardening.

Hair removal with electric razor

It is a fairly common form of hair removal today and very versatile. Greatly reduces hair, although without completely eliminating it from the skin surface. It is comfortable and very popular and if you have an electric razor at home, it takes only minutes to trim body hair. It is more popular in men than women, since ladies prefer methods that ensure a better finish. And although the electric razor is not as aggressive as the skin blade, in the same way, cuts and irritations are common. Without forgetting that it lasts a very short time.


Probably one of the most effective methods for male body hair removal. By pulling the hair out by the roots, the skin is completely bare for up to 4 weeks. It is a less aggressive method, plus it exfoliates the skin in the process. Requires body hair to be of a minimum height 1 cm for hair removal to be effective. Does not increase the thickness of the hair. This treatment could be done at home, but the most advisable thing is to have a professional who knows how to apply this method for male body hair removal. In this way it will be a less painful and better experience. Also, that in proportion to all the time it takes for hair to grow back, it is a really inexpensive method.

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Now that you know these methods for male body hair removal, do not hesitate to choose the one you prefer. We invite you to discover our aesthetic services clicking here for an afternoon pampering yourself. You can also contact us by doing click here.

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