The importance of taking care of your feet

Self-care is being an important part of our life and speaks largely of our self-love. Meet the needs of our body and take care of ourselves, is essential. Hair, the beard, the skin, hands and of course, the feet. All very important and that they are well cared for, even help prevent disease.

In the case of our feet, this care is of enormous importance. Often, our feet have to endure injuries, wounds, bad treatments, hours trapped in uncomfortable shoes. And besides that, take us everywhere, however there are those who forget to take care of their feet.

Unlike the hands, that play a more visible role in our daily lives. The feet are often pushed aside, considering that being covered they do not need as much attention. Nevertheless, manicured feet are capable of revealing as much as flawless hands. In fact, there are those who consider that the appearance of the feet is vital to define someone's personality. Concepts like security, comfort, Health, self-care and even hygiene, go hand in hand with your feet too. Well-groomed feet are synonymous with self-worth.

Since at EsteticaOSM we understand the importance of taking care of your feet, we want to tell you a little more about the subject. In this way you will probably feel inspired to include it in your care routine, the pedicure. Service increasingly requested by gentlemen who understand the importance of taking care of your feet.

Importance of a good pedicure

Many people feel that their feet don't need as much attention. Either because they feel complex due to the shape of their fingers, to that they have bunions or corns. Nevertheless, the only thing truly ugly on feet is dirt and carelessness. With constant attention and care, those foot defects can greatly improve. Therefore, the first step begins with deciding to make a pedicure an important part of your grooming routine.

Incarnate nails

Ingrown nails are one of the most frequent causes of visits to the podiatrist. It is caused many times by incorrectly cutting the nails. Wearing shoes that fit a lot and even cutting your toenails too much. Many times an ingrown toenail can turn into a very serious condition. To prevent or cure ingrown toenails, getting a regular pedicure helps a lot. This way your feet will be better cared for.


Corns are born due to constant friction, often caused by shoes. This friction causes the skin to create layers that are hardening and thickening. Fortunately, corns have many types of treatments. Constant care, cleaning and gradual removal of hardened skin layers, make them disappear. For them, to remove or prevent the appearance of corns, do not hesitate to get a pedicure every so often.


The importance of taking care of your feet is enormous, so do not hesitate to visit us to pamper yourself a little. Also visit our blog for more quality content.

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