Hanna is a masseuse 29 years,  that reflects its origin Central travez his eyes mischievous and impish smile, which loves to give all the attention you deserve, will not leave unnoticed, because it has a mischievous character and fun which invites you to enjoy in every way.

She loves to innovate and surprise at every massage session, leaving aside the routines.. since his profession as a beautician and masseuse invites you to merge all concepts of welfare.

His experience as erotic masseur, you warrant that all nature unfolds performing couples massage, duo massage, wlohe body, prostatic, relaxing, etc..

As a professional aesthetic you will surprise you with its beauty care that you barely notice.. and at the same time they will make you feel comfortable, where you will discover the beauty care is not just for women.

Do not hesitate to let yourself go to another level of pleasure and care of your own well-being.

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