male cosmetic

Your skin requires a different attention to women so that male cosmetics every day is more concrete. But the real awareness has come in recent years, with a labor market increasingly competitive, in which men are realizing that they have tomaintain a youthful and healthy appearance, and that skin care has a lot to do with it.

A healthy skin is youthful skin. The healthier our skin, we will havea more attractive appearance. Male vanity has gone from being basic and contain ‘after-shave’, Deodorant, brush and toothpaste, to be almost complete and more luxurious than women. Spaniards tend increasingly. A study by Kantar on the European manIt puts them in second place -behind the Germans, the same as the Italians and ahead of the French-,Although only five years ago it was the last of the table. This evolution has nothing to do with the 'metrosexual' current. This is not mere coquetry, butman has begun to care