Proper hand care

Proper hand care

Hand care is very important, Well, these are always going to be the focus of attention, as well as a cover letter. Therefore, it is essential that these look as well cared for as possible.

It is very common for men to neglect their hands, and that these present roughness and dryness. But this can be corrected with proper hand care..

Proper hand care

It is inevitable to work with your hands, so they are constantly exposed to not very favorable conditions, that can affect them and make them look much older and neglected.

To prevent your hands from transmitting a negative image, the best thing you can do is take proper care of them. Let's see some changes you can make in your day to day to take better care of your hands.

Keep your hands clean

It may sound cliche, but constant cleaning of the hands is essential. How these are our working instrument, not everyone remembers constantly washing them, nor do it the right way.

It is best to use soaps made especially for the hands., as well as properly rub the entire hand and not forget the nails.

After washing them, make sure to dry them properly, so that they are not damp.

Wear gloves

Almost all aspects of our lives revolve around the hands, because many activities can damage them, dry them out, among other things. A very illustrative example is washing dishes, since exposure to detergent dries out the hands.

Therefore it is recommended that, doing any activity that could damage or mistreat your hands, that gloves are used to take care of them as much as possible.

Keep them moisturized

Consistent use exposes hands to dryness, therefore it is pertinent to moisturize them with hand creams, also making sure that you are, as far as possible, have sunscreen.,

It is advisable to moisturize your hands at least twice a day. It is also recommended, as with the rest of the skin, do not expose them excessively to the sun and avoid the hours when the day is hotter.

Not biting your nails

Nail biting (onicofagia) it is a pathology that severely affects the way nails look. Gives them a dirty look, and makes the person see the person as impatient and with very little self-care.

So it is best to avoid biting your nails., keeping them properly cut. Y, in case chewing gum or sunflower seeds is more advisable than biting your nails.

Entrust your hands to specialists

It is highly recommended that, every so often, leave the care of your hands to specialists. Like any other part of the body, they also need specialized care in order to look their best, and a specialist manicure can dramatically change the appearance of your hands.

In Aesthetics OSM we offer you from a simple manicure with a simple nail cut, to a more dedicated treatment, including peeling, moistening, spa, among other things.

So if you want to give yourself the proper care for your hands, you can contact us by doing click here and we will be happy to assist you.

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