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There are many exfoliation treatments on the market. Some are so simple that they can be done at home as a weekly care routine.. Others, more complicated, They need special and professional products that can perform this treatment.

Today in Aesthetics OSM we are going to tell you about peeling, also known as dermabrasion or chemical peel. An incredible treatment that you can receive in our beauty center when you visit us.

What is peeling?

It is a chemical peel with different application techniques. Usually consisting of a chemical or mechanical application, which helps to improve the appearance of the skin. Giving it a smoother and juicier texture, thanks to the destruction of the outer and oldest tissues of the skin. Through this exfoliation that removes the most deteriorated tissues over time, the dermis and epidermis can regenerate, looking much younger.

In summary, peeling causes the death of damaged tissue and allows dermal regeneration from the deeper layers of the skin. It is a very effective treatment for skin lesions of different kinds. Eliminate moderate acne scars. Also removes spots and wrinkles, leaving the skin even. Combat solar keratosis and facial lentigos. It is certainly a very popular and effective treatment.

Peeling techniques

The peeling can vary if the technique to be used is chemical or mechanical. It also depends on how deep the action will be in the skin.. Then, we will tell you about these two types of peeling.


As the name implies, it involves the controlled application of chemicals that corrode the skin. They are used to remove the epidermis and certain variable parts of the dermis. Promoting the birth of new healthy layers.


It consists of the use of a mechanical device that consists of two steel heads that rotate at high revolutions on the skin. Contrary to what is new, this exfoliation is smooth and superficial. Increases the production of skin cells and collagen, in addition to improving the elasticity and tone of the skin.

To take into account

Although it is possible to buy products in beauty stores to perform a peeling at home. It is best to do it with a professional who has experience and knowledge in the technique.. And that also has all the necessary tools, together with the best quality products. Well, although peeling is a very common aesthetic treatment, it is possible to experience certain complications. Such as hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, among others. This usually happens when the treatment is poorly performed.. Or when the care instructions given by the professional are not followed.

Aesthetics and Well-being OSM

Now that you have discovered what peeling is and everything it can offer you, do not hesitate to visit us in Barcelona. You can contact us just by doing click here.

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