• The beard

    The beard can be a symbol of virility and power, but it can also be the cradle of many diseases. Learn how to care for your beard in a 2 by 3.

  • Proper hand care

    Proper hand care

    Hand care is very important, Well, these are always going to be the focus of attention, as well as a cover letter. Therefore, it is essential that these look their best…

  • What types of tans are there?

    With the bright sun in the sky, it's the perfect time to tan, why do not do it? If we know that a tanned skin looks much more attractive and healthier. But, Did you know…

  • Find out what peeling is

    There are many exfoliation treatments on the market. Some are so simple that they can be done at home as a weekly care routine.. Others, more complicated, they need special and professional products…

  • Male facial beauty tips

    In the past, facial hygiene and beauty was only a woman's business, who were interested in maintaining healthy faces, young and soft for a long time. Luckily these stigmas have been falling…


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